Vitamin K2

A quick post to alert you of the importance of this little talked about vitamin and how it helps keep calcium out of your arteries and in your bones and teeth where it should be. It is particularly important to couple this with vitamin D3, especially in the winter months if you live in sun deprived areas.

This video interview covers things better than I could. Start adding Brie or Gouda cheese to your heart healthy diet.




1 thought on “Vitamin K2

  1. 2 stents fitted 2 weeks ago mean I am still here. I declined triple bypass in 2012 returning the bag of drugs to the chemist. Very glad to have found your story. During 4 days in an excellent NHS hospital there was a constant stream of consultants,nurses,chemists telling me how vital it was I took the prescribed drugs to prevent the stent becoming clogged. I am over 70 and now need to regain my resolve to keep control despite family opposition, who believe the NHS propoganda. 4 years ago a radiologist said my demise from prostate cancer would be months not years without radiotherapy/chemo. Alternative sites unearthed Vitamin D3 to prevent spread. I hope to find others who ditched the statins and whose stents have not clogged.

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