Asking the Right Questions

I mentioned before the importance of asking the right questions. At the moment the standard lipid tests available to you at your doctors are next to useless. If you do ask for one make sure you insist that they test your CRP (that’s C Reactive Protein) levels. This is one useful number, worth knowing, that they will do for free in a standard NHS test. It is a reasonable indicator of the level of inflamation within your body and it is inflamation of LDL particles that may well be one of the major contributors to heart disease.  The more accepted gold standard test today is a VAP test which carries out a wider range of tests and produces much more meaningful data than simply how many LDL or HDL particles you are carrying in your blood stream. Alarmingly when I have asked two GP’s and two Cardios about particle size and VAP tests, they had no idea what I was talking about.  In America it appears to be a standard available test.

Most people are under the false illusion that cholesterol is swimming around in our blood stream. this is not actually the case nor is the quantity of cholesterol the main issue here. There is a very good video explanation using a simple analogy here, I suggest you watch it and rethink what tests you really need

Remember LipoProteins are the cars on the freeway, cholesterol is the passengers in the cars. In the same way we want to encourage car sharing during our rush hour we also want to lower the number of Lipo carriers and stuff higher amounts of cholesterol into each carrier. This is what is meant by assessing LDL particle count and this measurement is much more meaningful than simply our simple UK available LDL numbers which is measuring cholesterol. The tests that give you this information are standard in the USA for about 100 dollars but unavailable here in the UK. The best approximation is to get a test that gives you your ApoB measurement. ApoB is a protein that is used to form LDL particles and hence can be an indicator of LDL particle number (cars on the road).

PS You can get a pretty full blood check including Apo B and A and Iron blood content which is quite important from Blue Horizon in the UK, link below




2 thoughts on “Asking the Right Questions

  1. Thanks Genettee, I only wish it was a personal journey, but it itsn’t. Everybody gets the same level of missing or misinformation.

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