Exercise Good or Bad ?

It is always more striking when you come across research results that endorse your own gut instincts, not that you should seek out such data as this can lead to a biased view of things. Before my heart attack I had, despite being a long term runner, football, tennis and general sports player, a gut feeling that excessive exercise was not particularly protective. I based this on what I thought was a premise too shaky to be a solid foundation for truth.  My feeling was that perhaps the heart was just like any other muscle. Exercise it too vigorously, especially as you get older, and maybe you run the risk of straining it. I know my calves are not what they used to be and can occasionally pull on a run. On the other hand sit around doing no exercise and the heart like any other muscle loses strength and performance. A simple analogy is that of a car. Thrash it and it will quickly give up on you. Leave it unused and it will equally pack in on you. Although I hate the word moderation except in the phrase’ moderation kills’, I have to admit that when it comes to exercise I wondered whether moderation was the key.

I was very interested therefore to discover some research that appeared to back up my feelings. A group of people had been tracked for a number of years after first being categorized into one of five categories. Category 1 was the complete couch potato. Number 2 was the type who did a small amount of walking, maybe half an hour a day but not much else. Category 3 were people who whilst not being regular exercise types did have a regular informal workout such as cycling to work or conducting say an hour’s walking per day. Group 4 were regular sports types, maybe two or more sessions per week. The final category 5 was for people who are very serious sports enthusiasts. Marathon runners, triathlon competitors and the like. When these five groups of people were rechecked after 10 years the worst performers in terms of medical incidents was category 1, the couch potatoes (no surprise there). The second worst however was the serious sports people in category 5. Coming out tops was category 3 followed by category 2.

It seems that light but regular exercise is all one needs to keep the engine ticking over and the no pain no gain merchants may be doing more harm than good. My exercise schedule now consists of Yoga twice a week. Walking at least an hour each day and light jogging twice a week. I have just bought a bike so some cycling will find its way in there as well but those eyeballs out running sessions I used to do are certainly a thing of the past.

There is an article here about some research finding similar to those above but with regard to runners http://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/news/20140401/too-much-running-tied-to-shorter-lifespan-studies-find

There is also an excellent talk here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6U728AZnV0


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